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Fire Pipes

How to connect fire pipes

The pipes used in fire networks are connected and connected in the following ways:

Fastening with threads, in which only diameters greater than 2 inches are used, and a substance is added that clogs the pores resulting from poor surface finish of the pipe, and this substance facilitates slipping.

The flanges are used in the installation of diameters greater than 2.5 inches, and gaskets are installed between the flanges to prevent water leakage as a result of the differences between the surface finishes, and this method is characterized by ease of maintenance.

Grooved or Victaulic joints with rubber gaskets can be used in all diameters, but this type is very expensive.

Pipes used in fire networks can be joined with welds which are the most common and used for diameters greater than 2 inches.

Fire pipe welding

Welding of pipes used in fire networks is done through the use of welding wires, which differ according to the symbols written on them. The welding wires used by manual electric welding, which are called electrodes, are covered with the symbol written on them (SMAW) and are manufactured using the metal template wire with a layer called Flex with multiple benefits It is a mixture of melting aids.
The American Classification (AWS-ASTM) for the coated electrode includes all the important properties of the electrode in the form of a set of numbers indicating the chemical properties of the deposited weld metal, the type of the coating, the current used and the recommended welding mode.
As for the digital system of pipes used in fire networks, it contains four or five numbers preceded by a Latin letter (E), and the Latin letter means that it is connected to the electrical circuit. As for the first three digits of the five numbers when multiplied by 1000, they give the least stress to tensile welding metal in pounds. per square inch, the number (penultimate) means the welding mode to be used for this type, and the last number means the type of current and the type of sheathing.

Fire pipe paint

The pipes used in fire networks are painted with a layer of primer and two layers of red oxide, using spray or brush, taking into account that the layer is not less than 75 microns. Red color for pipes used in fire networks.