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Anwar Alraidah For Safety


Anwar Al-raidah For Safety

About Us

The company has implemented many projects with the government and private sector and concluded many periodic maintenance contracts. The company also owns a selection of qualified employees, engineers and skilled labor. The company also seeks geographic expansion to provide products of high quality and value at a confident and thoughtful pace with the adoption of advanced methodologies and systems to manage and develop work

Who Are We

Anwar Al Raidah for Safety is a company . Accredited by Al-Modon Defense, it specializes in fire safety work and security systems installations and maintenance of the highest standards in accordance with the requirements of the Saudi Code (201, 801), Civil Defense and international safety requirements. It has been operating since 2015 and has implemented many projects as well as Supplying its products in various regions of the Kingdom, and we confirm that we are the best choice for our customers in terms of timely implementation, quality of products, services and prices.

Our Services

Installation of fire alarm systems
Installation of fire fighting systems
Maintenance of safety systems
Annual maintenance contracts
Design and approve safety plans
Maintenance contracts
Technical Reports
Safety Reports
Supply and installation of air conditioning systems and duct

Providing engineering consultancy in the field of fire prevention and protection

Design, audit and review engineering plans in accordance with the civil defense system, regulations and instructions

Supervising the implementation and application of fire prevention and protection systems in accordance with the approved plans

Receipt of fire prevention and protection systems in projects (municipal license)

Providing engineering consultancy in the field of fire prevention and protection

Issuance of conformity certificates for the Saudi building code and the civil defense system and regulations according to the plans approved by the General Directorate of Civil Defense

Providing technical services for fire prevention and protection

Preparing fire prevention plans for public facilities and Private

Analysis and evaluation of risks and preparation of studies to prevent losses (Risk Analysis/Risk Assessment)

Preparing and receiving technical reports on the compliance or readiness of fire protection systems in the facilities with the regulations and instructions of civil defense and the approved Saudi or international standards.

Preventive awareness through scientific sessions and giving educational and orientation lectures to raise awareness of operators and users of public and private facilities who are specialized in safety aspects, facing dangers and their requirements.

Providing technical advice in what falls within the tasks entrusted to him.

Preparing technical reports for installation and maintenance contractors licensed under this regulation on their compliance with the requirements of the activity they practice.

Contracting for installation and maintenance of firefighting equipment and fire alarm

Firefighting equipment business

Fire alarm works

 Works of natural and mechanical ventilation systems, air pressure systems and throttles

Works of equipment and systems for emergency lighting and lighting exits

.Installation and maintenance of doors and means of emergency exits