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fm 200 gas fire extinguishing system

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fm 200 gas fire extinguishing system

FM200 is a safe chemical gas for extinguishing fires, its scientific name is heptafluoropropane, and it has a high ability to control and extinguish fires before they inflate.
The concentration of FM200 gas is determined for each facility, according to the level of protection required, and it is usually between 6% and 7%, and it is determined according to hydraulic calculations and engineering design.
The FM200 system is used in the rooms where people are present, and therefore the engineering design is determined not to exceed 7%.

Components of the FM200 fire extinguishing system:

FM200 gas cylinder: The size of the cylinder is determined according to the need of the room to be extinguished (and there are cylinders of all sizes) through hydraulic calculations and according to the NFPA code

Gas-discharge piping network: The pipe network with its diameters is determined according to the engineering design and hydraulic calculations, which determine the number of nozzle in the room according to the NFPA code.

Fire extinguishing panel and sensors: It is responsible for receiving the signal from the sensors and sending it to the solenoid to complete the unloading process.

Alarm wires and pipes network.

fire alarm siren

Fire alarm bell.

Manual release

Abort switch

Pressure release

System idea:

When there is a fire, a signal is sent by the sensors in the room to the extinguishing panel, and then a signal is sent from the solenoid valve panel, and the gas is discharged in the room, breaking the chain of oxidation reactions of the fire by displacing the oxygen in the air and replacing the FM200 gas in its place according to the specified ratio.

Where is the FM200 gas system placed?

The FM200 gas extinguishing system is installed in places where there are small people (control rooms - banks - museums - UPS room - tank -….)